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VHF/UHF are quite Lively in Melbourne, a lot less so in state parts but I simply cannot imagine several places the place I cannot hear an newbie repeater in Victoria.

It would not just take Substantially to begin to see the distinction between someone who seriously interested in owning some fun with radios and any person with mental health problems.

That's on uhf wideband Don't have narrowband transiever, listening to the crap I hear on the channel.4/8 repeaters from the morning it sound just like the idiot from 27mhz migrated to uhf..

That is considered the most misinformed load of sh.. I've listened to all week. I am an active member in the Group and regularly on HF.

Not that you are likely to obtain a pay a visit to from acma for working overpower As long as You do not come up with a nuisance of oneself. It's not a thing that may be calculated devoid of connecting up a power meter in your cb.

Alright, I have only been a semi major HF op for about five – seven several years, just before which i was a 1kw triple nickle station ;-) In my very own practical experience I have seen more QRM, but possibly just local to me.

There remain a few hams that get on to eleven meters, I don't come up with a routine of it, but exactly what is the general view about one hundred watts or more on CB? Again does any one really care? Lots of very long time CBers run seat heaters any way...

Getting a Basis licence is a superb solution because you can however Engage in CB, however, if 27Mhz is useless, then going down to 21MHz will discover you an abundance of action.

Professional UHF radios operate at 25W with no licence operator, as well as the excuses with the aged guard are lame rather than techincally right.

There have been no scarcity of pirates making use of channels above forty and it was effortless to change plenty of CB's to carry out these excess channels. It absolutely was also doable to change them for NZ 26MHz CB. No you can not get a licence for anyone channels.

If you have a problem shelling out cash, you are going to suit correct in with ham operators which have deep pockets, but read more relatively short arms.

If they had 25W pY and 50WpX there might be a great deal additional File calls at the very least trying to stick to the boundaries.

Ham radio With all the fail contact introduction is popping into the following CB. The amount of crap you'll be able to hear on newbie now's absurd. I used to be (perhaps nonetheless am) thinking of more info at last finding my phone but I'm not so positive now.

Yah its alive and very well. Previous time i drove as a result of Sydney ,turned within the 27Mhz set , All i heard was men and women conversing crap and having bong hits ,not in that get

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